Oat King Flapjack 95g x10

The OAT KING Oatmeal Energy Bar is made from the best ingredients and traditionally by hand. As an unmistakable taste experience it is available in many delicious varieties.


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Delicate, juicy oat flakes form the basis for the handmade oat bar. All varieties are 100% vegetarian - vegan and lactose-free varieties are also available. Oat flakes are a basic foodstuff with high nutritional value and excellent digestibility.

Health-conscious and demanding people of all ages use oatmeal as a strong, natural source of energy for physical and mental challenges. The high proportion of complex, long-chain carbohydrates, the valuable vegetable protein, the soluble fiber and the outstanding taste characterize the OAT KING® oatmeal energy bar.

When it needs to be fast, the OAT KING bar is perfect as a breakfast. During the day and on the road, it is practical to fill the energies between meals. And because of its wholesomeness it is also recommended during the training and competition.

The special baking process ensures the consistency of the bar, both at high and low outdoor temperatures, and is therefore also suitable for outdoor activities.

Below values based on Oat King Oatmeal Energy Bar 95g x 10 Peanut Butter

    Container Size: 1 box
    Serving Size: 1 bar (95g)
    Servings Per Container: 10 bars

    Amount Per bar (95g):

    Total Calories: 411
    Protein: 4.9g
    Total Carbohydrates: 52.9g
    -Sugars: 26.2g
    Fat: 19.9g
    -Saturates: 6.4g
    Sodium: 0.042g

Ingredients: 40% oat flakes, light molasses, margarine (palm and rapeseed oil, water, salt, natural flavor), 11% peanut butter (roasted peanuts, rape oil, sugar, palm oil, salt)

Use anytime you fancy a tasty healthy snack.

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